Bornholm holiday homes: Svaneke

About Bornholm!

Bornholm can be traced back to about 900 years BC an had at then its own King and the name Burgundialand. Arab coins from the trade on the Russian estuaries from 7th, 8th, and 9th century have been found. Later, in 1075 a new name evolves. The population in Skåne mentions in 1075 the island as Holmen, because it was a safe anchorage and "the most visited harbour in Danmark".

Bornholm holiday homes: Svaneke

German, English and Dutch coins from the 9th, l0th, and 11th century exist, just lige Slesvig city court in year l200 informs that grocers from Bornholm live there. This tells something about the importance of the trade roads in Østersøen.

is throughout Europe known for its rich nature. Only few places in the world exist, where you within a geografical area of 30 x 30 km can experience steep cliffs, large forest areas with waterflls, and long white sandy beaches. A particular mild climate means that there is a fauna which differs considerably from the rest of Denmark. The fig tree and the mulberry tree grow many places.

The nature's diversity is reflected in the the trades and industries on Bornholm. All imaginable lines of business are represented. A number of companies are on the export market because the locale home market is limited. Fishproducts, agricultural products, industrial special machines, and packing are produced. Building also includes tasks in Sweden and Germany. Within research, culture, and education - centres wich co-operate with the other Baltic See countries are established.

Bornholm is a well-run society with about 42.000 inhabitants, analogous to a normal provincial town. The population both will and can something, and with with the prospect of that about 25 % of the international trade within a few years will take place over the internet, the island is as central as other cities in Scandinavia/Northern Europe.

The transport
to Bornholm passes off with flights and ferries.

BornholmerFærgen has daily connections from Copenhagen Central Station over Ystad in Sweden to Bornholm.

BornholmerFlyet has an annual service from Copenhagen to Bornholm.

In the summer more flight connections (from Germany) are supplemented.

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