Bornholm holiday homes: Svaneke

About Svaneke!

Bornholm holiday homes: Svaneke
Fresh air in Svaneke, all the year round!

Svaneke is the easternmost and smallest market town in Denmark. The first time the name of the town is mentioned was in 1410 - and was called Swencke, but the community i far older. It was originally a fishing village. In year 1491 the name Swanicke appears. Chr. III mentions in 1555 the town as Svaniche af Boringholm and assigns the town its market town privilege and now there is a possibility for establishing functions like mayor, councillors plus other common functions. In 1584 the town gets its own seal which represent a standing swan with a ring in the beak, but noone today knows why this motive was chosen.

Today, Svaneke is one of the most beatyful and characteristic market towns. From the midle of the 19th century Svaneke rested. For instance did the railway not come to Svaneke, which has meant that the old town structure and the old houses were preserved. This is one of the reason why Svaneke is a unique image of a true and harmonious market town, situated on the steep rocks around the harbour with coloured clusters of houses, mutually connected by stone fences.

The town rises from the harbour up to the fields, that surround the town. There is a daily ferry service from the harbour to Christian's Island and all shops are on the market place. In 1975 the town was awarded the European Gold medal for town preservation.

The trades and industries in Svaneke are arts and crafts, agriculture, fishing, export production, education, and has a post house, a library, a bank, a baker, a super market, a flower shop, a cinema, a doctor, a dentist, a glasshouse, and a brewery. It is possible to go and get your daily fish on the harbour. Turism is served by a hotel, a camping site, a youth hostel, private holiday apartments and houses, many different restaurants and a pub on the market place.

The population in Svaneke is doing fine. Besides daily jobs, there are many different leisure-time activities and clubs, - and the cohesiveness in the town is great. The town has about "250 mayors" who during the month meet up at the local pub, from here the world is conducted. The population is devided into about "50 % newcomers" from many different parts of the country and about "50 % natives", this gives a humorous mixture of different cultures, which is an enrichment to the town. In 1890, the citizens established a amateur theathre, which today is a competent private theatre. The theatre gives performance in the winther.

Well, this was var a long story - You will find out the rest when you´re on the island.
We will look forward to welcoming you on Bornholm.

Bornholm holiday homes: Svaneke

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